Ranthambore Jungle Safari

Ranthambore Jungle Safari

Ranthambore National Park, the enthralling 400 square kilometer park in that state of Rajasthan has a surprising prosperity of wildlife which includes rare and endangered animals which include tigers, Asian elephants, leopards, and nilgai. Similar species shows are jungle cat, jackal, hyena, porcupine, wild boar, langur, Indian gazelle, sloth bear, marsh crocodile, spotted deer and sambar.

Rajasthan's first Project Tiger Reserve, the Ranthambore National Park is counted among India's best national parks. The name Ranthambore takes its name from the 1,000 year ancient fort which is situated in the grounds of the park. The park is bordered by the river Banas in the north and river Chambal in the south. The three water specifies Rajbaugh lakes, Padam tank, Milak Tank and are a home to diversity of migratory birds. They are decorated with the pink lotuses on which the Sambars frequently feed.

The landscape is wrapped with the belts of dry deciduous forests with olden banyan trees, pipals, salai, dhok, ranj, ber and palm trees. Ranthambore is a quite special biosphere for it harbors vast diversity of species of birds and animals.

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There are two sorts of vehicles available to serve you into Ranthambore Tiger reserve. First is the 4 wheel drive jeep that accommodates around 6 visitors and second is Canters which is 16 or 20 seater also known as open top roof buses. There are a restricted number of vehicles permitted into the park, 40 vehicles a maximum, 17 tourist jeeps, and 3 jeeps for VIP and 20 Canters at same spot. All these motor vehicles are taken on tender by the Forest Department and run by local natives. Vehicles that are not affiliated to the forest department are not allowed to get into the park. Canters and Gypsies are booked in advance and tourists are strongly recommended to booking their safaris in advance. Particularly if you desire to book gypsy then it is better to make a booking 90 days before.

Tiger Reserve Ranthambhore Canter Safari is considered as one of the best enjoyable style to watch the striking wildlife. The majority of the people particularly big groups favor to go on Canter safari. At a time Canter safari can put up 16-21 people. It provides personal happiness of sightseeing and the special experience of discovering the superb scenes of the reserve. The safari can be ideally enjoyed in two special times-either early in the dawn or in the late afternoon with the present environment.

Tiger Reserve Ranthambhore Jeep Safari is also liked by many people to spot animal faction and esteem the attractive shots of the park. Jeeps remains open which can accommodate up to 6 citizens at a time. You can take pleasure in the personalized and better experience of jeep safari in Ranthambore during the morning or evening time.