Ranthambore Canter Safari

Ranthambore Canter Safari

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Jeep & Canter safari is the finest approach to watch wildlife within Ranthambore National Park. Jeeps accompanying groups of tourists, accompanied by a trained guide are permitted into the park at set times during the evening and morning. The jeep normally follows the same route and leaves the park by the ending of the appointed time. Within a specific time period, more than 4 jeeps can travel on a single route and more than 16 vehicles are not permitted into the park.

Apart from the jeeps, open vans known as canters, which can carry up to 16 people, are also utilized to carry large groups of people inside the park. The open plains, forested areas and damage of monuments within Ranthambore National park give various opportunities for wildlife viewing while moving on a jeep safari of National Park Ranthambore. You can enjoy tigers hunting deer, their main prey, on the open grassy areas. A sight of a superb Royal Bengal Tiger is a spectacle that cannot be overlooked. Book Tiger Safari In Ranthambore in advance for the better and comfortable journey.

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How to Book Safari

Safari booking at Ranthambhore National Park is controlled by the Dept. of Forest (Govt. of India). As per the current policy 20 jeeps(06 seater) and 20 canters(20 seater) allowed to enter the park per drive (morning and afternoon) park entrance fees & vehicles are paid in advance on a first come first served basis against a non-refundable, 100% deposit basis only. Vehicle allocation takes place on the day of safari.




Gypsy Safari
1,200/- (each person)
2,000/- (each person)